At GATE, we take on projects at any stage, from design of new developments to troubleshooting of mature fields. The principal thrust of the company is in developing a systems engineering approach to field design and operation.

Even in our smaller projects, such as working discrete process or corrosion issues, taking a larger view of the interactions and intricacies of the system as a whole enables us to develop an optimized solution that crosses many different disciplines and boundaries. 

Specialist consultancies, or compartmentalized groups in operating companies or contractors, often do not have the combined knowledge and flexibility to pull together solutions of this type. This is one of the main benefits that we bring to our Clients.

Our mission at GATE is to provide engineering solutions to the oil & gas industry which allow our clients to make informed financial decisions. We aim to provide these solutions through the high caliber of our staff and strong relationships with our customers.

All GATE personnel are experienced in various deepwater projects for major and independent production companies at various locations around the globe. 

Our project portfolio is composed of deepwater and onshore operations, largely as a result of the increased risks associated with the design, installation and operation of such facilities. We have a varied workload, ranging from new technology development and evaluation, pre-FEED (front-end engineering design) and FEED support, through commissioning and start-up, to troubleshooting of producing facilities. We only work for Operators, not for EPC contractors and vendors.

Although the bulk of our workload is associated with technical support of projects during their design, where the most value for least cost can typically be leveraged, this is balanced by a significant portion of projects that support existing facilities. We staff our projects so that all of our team members face a mix of project design and asset support activities, so that they maintain a focus on operational aspects when supporting the design of facilities and operating procedures.

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Gulf of Mexico & Brazil

The major geological area of GATE experience is the Gulf of Mexico, however, we also work on developments located in areas such as West Africa and the North Sea, with onshore work in Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, China and Brazil.

Gulf of Mexico and Brazil Projects



North Sea & Mediterranean 


Asia & Australia