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Project Management & Certification Platform

The GATE Completion System (GCS) is a project management and certification tool specifically designed for the efficient execution of all Systems Completion phases (Mechanical Completion, Static and Dynamic Commissioning), as well as being capable of providing complete support through the lifecycle of the project from FEED to decommissioning.

The main objective of GCS is to achieve Systems Completion for a specific Project and be able to demonstrate each phase with controlled and traceable sets of information structured according to the project’s Systems and Subsystems, allowing proper handover / turnover to the client.

What can GCS Offer Your Project?


GCS allows an open communication between clients, contractors, managers, engineers and technicians by providing access to information and resources they need including project status at any given time and tools to identify where it needs to be heading.
GCS can be based onsite or remotely, depending on the Project’s needs and requirements. GCS can also be configured with web-access using SSL security technology to encrypt connections.


GCS comprises all Systems Completion documentation, engineering information, drawings, datasheets, etc. classified accordingly and assuring proper cross-references are in place. All documentation is centralized in one place, providing a searchable interface by any related keyword. 


All Inspection & Test Records (ITRs) or checksheets are generated directly from GCS, providing proper validations for each discipline, systems and subsystems classifications, handover / turnover certification and progress tracking through all project phases.

Tracking Completion of ITRs, Punch Lists, Handover Documents

ITRs can be easily uploaded and accessed immediately anywhere where GCS is available. Users can search and obtain reports for:

  • Mechanical Completion (MC) / Pre-Commissioning (PC) ITRs Lists,  Status, etc.
  • Punch List Tracking and Status
  • Handover / Turnover Certificates
  • Progress Reporting (Tailored Towards Project Requirements / Needs)

Security Authentication

GCS can be configured with different user rights / role settings allowing customized levels of access and editing, according to their responsibilities and client / contractor requirements. This facilitates the operability through all project phases and adequate communication levels between the Client, GATE and contractors.

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