Each new graduate is expected to provide specialized engineering support particularly focused in the deepwater areas of materials & corrosion, flow assurance, chemical systems engineering, waterflood and commissioning & startup.

They will also attend a series of training courses developed by technical experts within GATE, Inc. to establish a broad range of knowledge and the ability to see the “big picture” or “systems approach” to provide more valuable support to our projects and allow graduates to better understand all facets associated with upstream deepwater oil and gas.

Upon starting at GATE, each new graduate will have a mentor within the same area of expertise, providing the new graduate with experience and guidance throughout their career. However, new graduates are not limited to this single source, with GATE’s “open door” policy and friendly atmosphere anyone is willing to assist with any questions that may arise.

Unique Opportunity for Project Responsibility

GATE provides a unique opportunity for new hires to obtain important project responsibilities quickly. The nature of work at GATE allows employees to interact/communicate with clients at a very early stage in his/her career.

GATE offers challenging and non-routine work that will meet the employee’s satisfaction. Being a company managed by engineers, it is expected from everyone in the Company to participate in business development and in developing the management strategies in order to continue to further grow and improve the Company.

“Interning with GATE, Inc. this past summer was a great opportunity for me to learn various aspect of the Oil and Gas work field. As an undergraduate with limited first-hand knowledge, I was timid when I accepted the internship offer. However, everyone made me feel comfortable and they took the time to answer all my questions. They also offered summer training classes throughout the whole summer where I was introduced to numerous topics.

GATE, Inc. challenged me by having me work on multiple projects with Senior Engineers and by pushing my knowledge, and in return I was able to acquire much more than just experience. They also gave me the opportunity to organize a charity event with Volunteers of America called Brightening Birthdays. Everyone was very helpful, and we were able to raise enough money for the party and for donation.

The company made such a great impression on me that I jumped on the opportunity to be a full-time hire after graduation. Now, as a full-time, I am still continuously being challenged and trained. I am grateful to be part of an outstanding company with a family feel.”

Nichol Franke, Intern for Summer 2012, New Graduate Hire December 2012


This position requires an individual with a proven work ethic and good communication and team working skills. Preference will be given to individuals with engineering degrees, where advanced degrees are welcomed but are not essential.

The following list describes just some of the skills that graduates will gain while working at GATE:

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio. Cassandra, NORSOK, PREDICT and ECE Corrosion Software, Tulsa Erosion Modeling Software, VMGSim Modeling Software