The GATE Intern Program exposes engineering undergraduates or recently graduated engineers to projects spanning wide array of engineering disciplines critical to the energy industry.

Each intern is expected to provide specialized engineering support particularly focused in the deepwater areas of materials & corrosion, flow assurance, chemical systems engineering, waterflood, subsea engineering and commissioning & startup.

Our interns also attend GATE University, a series of training courses developed and delivered by technical experts within GATE. These courses allow our interns to establish a broad range of knowledge about the oil and gas industry and builds their ability to see the “big picture” through a systems approach leading the way to providing more valuable support to our projects.

Throughout the internship program, each intern will research an industry related topic and, upon completion of the program, present their findings to GATE employees.

Gain Valuable Work Experience

An internship provides the opportunity to gain hands-on, work experience that you just can’t get in the classroom. First time job seekers and career changers aren’t usually desirable candidates, but companies are willing to train them as interns and give them the experience they would need to get a job.

Have an Edge in the Job Market

Employers are usually more concerned with your work experience than your qualifications and internships are often the only way to get the work experience you need to secure a job, so they’re a vital part of your resume. Many employers prefer or require applicants who have done an internship or relevant work experience and in many of the more competitive job markets it is essential to set you apart from the others.


Transition into a Job

Employers see interns as prospective employees and many finish their internships and continue working with the company full time. Internships are the number one way for employers to find new staff in the US. Think of it as a really long interview, after which you’ve proved that you are a capable and hardworking employee. Just as you’re giving the industry and the company a trial run, they’re doing the same for you.

Apply Classroom Knowledge

An internship can be seen as the pinnacle of your undergraduate education and give you the chance to use the skills you’ve learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. It’s a chance to prove the worth of your qualifications and to show that you can perform in the role you’ve been given.

Gain Confidence

Getting experience is a great way to build your confidence. What’s more, if you have an impressive resume, you will be more confident in your chances of securing a job. After you've done an internship, if an interviewer asks if you know how to do something, you won’t say “um, yes, I think I would be able to do that, but can say “absolutely and supplement your assertion with examples.”

“Interning with GATE, Inc. this past summer was a great opportunity for me to learn various aspect of the Oil and Gas work field. As an undergraduate with limited first-hand knowledge, I was timid when I accepted the internship offer. However, everyone made me feel comfortable and they took the time to answer all my questions. They also offered summer training classes throughout the whole summer where I was introduced to numerous topics.

GATE, Inc. challenged me by having me work on multiple projects with Senior Engineers and by pushing my knowledge, and in return I was able to acquire much more than just experience. They also gave me the opportunity to organize a charity event with Volunteers of America called Brightening Birthdays. Everyone was very helpful, and we were able to raise enough money for the party and for donation.

The company made such a great impression on me that I jumped on the opportunity to be a full-time hire after graduation. Now, as a full-time, I am still continuously being challenged and trained. I am grateful to be part of an outstanding company with a family feel.”

Nichol Franke, Intern for Summer 2012, New Graduate Hire December 2012


Monitoring & Assessment of the Internship

Monitoring and assessment are an essential part of the formal internship learning experience. The learning contract provides the internship coordinator, mentor, and students the opportunity to redesign the internship at any time, in order to attain the best possible learning experience. Truly effective monitoring and evaluation entail active participation by the intern, employer, and internship coordinator.

“Through my summer internship, I not only gained great experience in the offshore oil & gas business, but was made a part of the GATE family from day one.”

James Koy, Engineering Intern for Summer 2012

“My time as a summer intern at GATE was rewarding, informative and fun. Compared to the experiences of my friends who are interning in the industry, I felt like I learned more and was exposed to more. The work was fast paced and exciting. You will never be bored at GATE.

The staff is knowledgeable and fun to work with and be around. The office chemistry is great, they made me feel like I was part of their family even though I was only there for the summer.”

Cody Davidson, Engineering Intern for Summer 2012


This position requires an individual with a proven work ethic and good communication and team working skills. Preference will be given to individuals working towards engineering degrees, where advanced degrees are welcomed, but are not essential.