Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Why do so many changes occur late in projects?
  • Why do we have so many problems at interfaces?
  • Why do we repeat the same mistakes from project to project?
  • Why do projects usually finish late?

This book is an exploration of what decision theory has to say about these and other common engineering problems. Why seek the answer to these problems in decision theory? Because engineering is a decision making process.

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In claiming that engineering is a decision making process I'm not referring to decision making simply as the act of selecting the best design alternative. There is much more to it than that. We make many decisions before we make the decision:

  • We decide which data to collect and how to evaluate the data
  • We decide which objective and whose objectives are meaningful
  • We decide which alternatives to evaluate and how to evaluate them
  • We decide whose opinion is important
  • We decide to learn from failures and previous successes
  • Etc.

Most of these decisions are made tacitly (essentially subconsciously). Your project is the sum total of all the decisions that you and others on the project team make. Want to improve your projects - make better decisions. Want to make better decisions - understand decision theory.

Want simple answers? Sorry,there are no easy answers. But there are answers.

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If you would like to continue reading about decision theory, you can obtain a copy of the book Making Sense and Making Decisions: An Engineers Guide to Project Decision Making from Amazon. Now available in paperback.

All proceeds go towards the GATE Scholarship fund for future engineers.

Making Sense and Making Decisions: An Engineers Guide to Project Decision Making

By Howard Duhon

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