GATE’s Marine Construction Team provides project execution support for our clients.

Overseeing project execution includes developing, managing and scheduling all project interfaces from design to installation and commissioning.
The team can be involved in all equipment design technical interfaces, fabrication/construction and commissioning/startup onsite. We ensure that equipment design aligns with company standards and that the interfaces between equipment is adequate to preform testing. Safety is our highest priority.

Design & Testing of Subsea Equipment including Manifolds, Jumpers, Tubing Hangers, Tubing Hanger Running Assembly, Tubing Heads & Trees

  • Develop, manage and schedule all project interfaces from design to installation
  • Supply vendors with information to assist in the development of their drawings and procedures
  • Review vendor drawings and procedures and approve accordingly
  • Witness and sign off on all testing including SITs and FATs

Mobilization, Loadout & Installation of Subsea Equipment

  • Develop Client specific installation procedures for whatever vessel is chosen to install equipment
  • Witness additional testing (dock testing) and loadout on supply vessel and advise accordingly
  • Witness and assist in proper installation offshore from installation vessel/rig
  • Ensure procedures are followed and pertinent data is recorded at all times

Maintenance of Subsea Equipment

  • Preform Subsea Cathodic Protection Survey and install Anodes as needed
  • Assessment of vortex induced vibration (VIV) and in needed cases install streaks and fairings
  • Subsea sampling of oil, gas and water in the well without interrupting production

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning

  • Provide procedures and oversight for pipeline cleaning, flooding, hydrotesting and dewatering

Other services include interventions, remediation, ROVs and ROV Tooling, Intervention Equipment Consulting and Vessel Operations.