GATE Announces Investment by Morgan Stanley Credit Partners

Gibson Applied Technology and Engineering, Inc. (GATE) is pleased to announce the closing of an investment from Morgan Stanley Credit Partners.

The Houston, Texas, based oil and gas engineering and consulting company is applying its multi-disciplinary approach across the most prolific energy producing regions in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, and West and East Africa.

“GATE currently has a strong position in the global deepwater project delivery market, coupled with a growing downstream business in North America” said Grant Gibson, GATE’s chairman and chief executive officer. “Partnering with Morgan Stanley Credit Partners gives us the needed capital to grow our business through acquisitions to ensure that we can thrive during the current industry downturn and position GATE to effectively support our clients across their global operations as they grapple with the combined effects of the great crew change and fundamental shifts in the way their projects are designed, managed and delivered. We believe our growth strategy will present opportunities to create substantial stakeholder and client value and position GATE for a strong and exciting future.”

Ashwin Krishnan, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley Credit Partners, said, “Morgan Stanley Credit Partners is pleased to partner with GATE. We look forward to working with the GATE team to accomplish the next phase of growth in a rapidly evolving energy market."

GATE, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary engineering services and consultancy provider with its headquarters in Houston, TX, that specializes in delivering engineering, risk management, commissioning, decommissioning and staffing services to the oil and gas industry.

GATE’s affiliate, VIKING Engineering, is a leading upstream oil and gas engineering company specializing in critical well design. VIKING’s specific areas of expertise involve high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) downhole tubular design, as well as material selection for harsh environment wells, certification for offshore and land-based tubular designs, training and downhole failure analysis.

GATE’s affiliate, GATE Premier Solutions, Inc. (GPS, Inc.), is a leading oil and gas contingent workforce provider.

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Morgan Stanley Credit Partners, part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, invests in corporate debt securities issued by middle market companies.  With approximately $1.2 billion in capital under management, Morgan Stanley Credit Partners’ experienced investment professionals bring significant expertise in origination, structuring, credit analysis and principal investing in the leveraged finance markets.  The team, based in New York, focuses on deploying capital in North America and Western Europe.  For further information about Morgan Stanley Credit Partners, please visit