NACE 04104 - Hydrogen Embrittlement Of Corrosion Resistant Alloys Under Cathodic Protection Conditions

2004 Abstract, Jonathan Marsh, Gibson Applied Technology; Grant T. Gibson and Michael Walsh, GATE LLC

This publication examines the issue of hydrogen embrittlement of CRA materials under the cathodic protection conditions often found in the up stream oil and gas industry. The environment in question is thus oxygenated seawater. The different possible mechanisms of hydrogen embrittlement for CRA materials under these conditions are discussed, as are the different factors affecting susceptibility and mitigation of susceptibility. The susceptibility of the different classes of materials is examined, and susceptible materials highlighted. The importance of undertaking a materials/CP review at different stages of a given project is proposed, and two case studies are described. Finally, a flow plan is put forward indicating the procedures that can be followed.

Source: CORROSION 2004, March 28 - April 1, 2004 , New Orleans, La

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