NACE 05633 - The Impact of Reservoir Souring upon Decision Processes Made During the Design of New Deepwater Developments

2005 Abstract, Lee C. Jordan, Justin P. Landry, Howard Duhon, and Grant T. Gibson, GATE LLC

This paper presents an overview of the impact of potential future reservoir souring and associated H2S production on the design decisions that must be made during the development of a deepwater production asset. The problem is inherently one of decision making under uncertainty, as determination of the likely magnitude of reservoir souring is a process requiring review of a large number of variables and the application of predictive techniques of limited accuracy. This paper reviews some of the practical uncertainties involved in predicting souring and identifies how these subsequently impact design and operability issues. By exhaustively identifying design objectives in the form of an objectives map it is possible to assess the impact of souring on all aspects of the design. Best practice approaches to risk management and mitigation are also presented in relation to the design of both water injection and production facilities.

Source: CORROSION 2005, April 3 - 7, 2005 , Houston, Tx

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