GATE, Inc. Makes Strategic Acquisition & Enters Offshore Marine Risk Mgmt. Services Market

GATE completed the acquisition of OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS, formerly owned and operated by Grand Isle Shipyard Inc.

GATE completed the acquisition of OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS, formerly owned and operated by Grand Isle Shipyard Inc.

OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS provides customers project solutions through the use of highly specialized marine consultants. Offshore Solutions are comprised of leading experts who are considered authorities in their respective fields, which include dynamic positioning systems and marine operations. Coupled with considerable industry experience and varied backgrounds, Offshore Solutions offer a highly capable skill pool that work together to assist projects in managing high consequence risk in marine activities.

With the acquisition of Offshore Solutions, GATE aims to be the preferred partner for providing marine risk management solutions that target the technical, operational, installation, and project management challenges associated with offshore and marine project delivery. The objective is to assist in the delivery of incident-free, project execution through focused risk mitigation in key potential process safety areas such as vessel integrity (related to ballast/watertight integrity and stability) and loss of station keeping.

This acquisition is GATE’s first step towards implementing a business model focused on developing a sustainable resource capability to support deepwater project execution. The division is committed to addressing the dilution of skills, and limited experience prevalent in a rapidly expanding industry by developing and fostering the use of effective decision support tools and implementing visionary methodologies to attract and train competent resources to support incident-free, project execution.

GATE is an upstream oil and gas consulting engineering company based in Houston, Texas. GATE has consulting divisions in Flow Assurance, Commissioning & Initial Startup, Water Injection, Subsea Installation and Commissioning, Operational Readiness, Materials Selection/Corrosion Engineering, and Production Chemistry.


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