GATE Hires Former Coach USA Chairman & CEO

Strategic Move as a Top Contender

Larry King

GATE welcomes Larry King, former Coach USA Chairman and CEO. Larry will be providing GATE his expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital fund raising, financial modeling analysis and business plan development. As Coach USA Chairman and CEO, Larry was a founding member of the management team that led the company through its start-up, initial public offering and growth into a $1 billion operating company. During his time with Coach USA, he served in both financial and operational capacities. At the time of the Coach USA sale, Coach was the largest operator of motor-coaches and ground transportation vehicles in the United States. In addition to his work at Coach USA, Larry's background includes:

  • Permian Partners LLP - Crude Oil Gathering
  • Director of Petrotech - Gas Compression & Engineering
  • CFO of SI Diamond Technologies, a high technology developer/manufacturer of man-made diamonds for industrial uses

As GATE continues to grow and acquire new expertise, Larry's management and strategic planning knowledge will bring GATE even closer to becoming an industry powerhouse.

GATE President, Grant Gibson, had the following to say about our new team member:

"Larry King brings the management experience to execute our strategic plan of growth through acquisitions.  His past experience at Coach USA fits perfectly with our plan and will be a valuable team member giving GATE many options as it grows."