GATE Advances in the Hot Firm Rankings

GATE has been awarded joint 3rd place the prestigious ZweigWhite Hot Firm Competition for the 2010 to 2013 period. Hot Firm is a competition that ranks the top 100 engineering, consulting and architecture companies in the US in terms of their growth over the previous three years. The rankings identify firms that have outperformed the economy and competitors to become leaders in their chosen fields. This is evaluated as a function of percentage and dollar growth to normalize across smaller and larger companies.

SPE Summer Series Session 1

GATE is a proud sponsor for the SPE Summer Series Session 1 on Floating Production Systems. The summer series will offer one presentation each week for the next six weeks. For more information on the individual presetations, please click here: http://www.spegcs.org/events/2615/

PF&C Summer Lecture Series - Session 1: "Floating Production System Host Selection"

Speaker Dr. Wei Ma, Chevron ETC - Global Responses and Concept Engineering Technical Team Leader

Dr. Wei Ma received his Ph.D. degree in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering from University of California at Berkeley in 1995.

Session I of the Summer Series on “Floating Production Systems” presents an operator’s view on key drivers for floating production systems concept selection.  Technical aspects of the concept selection will be discussed via a demonstration of sizing a wet tree semi-submersible for a deep water field in the GOM.

Deep water will require a large portfolio of projects to be developed with floating production systems.  While FPSO vessels are expected to dominate the concept selection primarily from lack of pipeline infrastructure, semi-submersibles, spars, and tension leg platforms are often candidates for fields where existing infrastructures are available.  Many operators have a large portfolio of floating systems and continuously explore development opportunities that may require floating production systems to develop.

These sessions are perfect opportunities for either an introduction to Floating Production Systems for the engineer just starting in the industry, a refresher for the more seasoned individual, or just a great networking opportunity for those involved in this arena.  Each session is scheduled as a one (1) hour presentation followed by a thirty (30) minute Q&A period.

To register for individual lectures, click on the links below:

Session II - Introduction to FPSOs - July 9

Session III - Design and Construction of Tension Leg Platforms - July 16

Session IV - Introduction to Spars - July 23

Session V - Semisubmersible FPS Design Considerations - July 30

Session VI - Buoyant Tower - August 6

Note: Attendees will also be able to register for the sessions at the door. Member, non-member, and student prices for registration can be found using the above links.

Standard Operating Procedures Webinar

On Tuesday, April 22nd at 8:30 AM Howard Duhon, GATE’s Systems Engineering Manager will present a free SPE Webinar on writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). SOPs are frequently developed late in the project, after the design is completed and construction is well underway.  They may be used for little other than operator training.  Following the initial facility startup, they may even end up on a shelf collecting dust.  In this environment SOPs have little influence on either the design or the operation of the facility.

This webinar will provide a high level summary of why SOPs are important and describe how GATE approaches the development of SOPs with the goals of improved design and improved, safer operation.

GATE, Inc. Makes Strategic Acquisition & Enters Offshore Marine Risk Mgmt. Services Market

GATE completed the acquisition of OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS, formerly owned and operated by Grand Isle Shipyard Inc.

GATE completed the acquisition of OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS, formerly owned and operated by Grand Isle Shipyard Inc.

OFFSHORE SOLUTIONS provides customers project solutions through the use of highly specialized marine consultants. Offshore Solutions are comprised of leading experts who are considered authorities in their respective fields, which include dynamic positioning systems and marine operations. Coupled with considerable industry experience and varied backgrounds, Offshore Solutions offer a highly capable skill pool that work together to assist projects in managing high consequence risk in marine activities.

With the acquisition of Offshore Solutions, GATE aims to be the preferred partner for providing marine risk management solutions that target the technical, operational, installation, and project management challenges associated with offshore and marine project delivery. The objective is to assist in the delivery of incident-free, project execution through focused risk mitigation in key potential process safety areas such as vessel integrity (related to ballast/watertight integrity and stability) and loss of station keeping.

This acquisition is GATE’s first step towards implementing a business model focused on developing a sustainable resource capability to support deepwater project execution. The division is committed to addressing the dilution of skills, and limited experience prevalent in a rapidly expanding industry by developing and fostering the use of effective decision support tools and implementing visionary methodologies to attract and train competent resources to support incident-free, project execution.

GATE is an upstream oil and gas consulting engineering company based in Houston, Texas. GATE has consulting divisions in Flow Assurance, Commissioning & Initial Startup, Water Injection, Subsea Installation and Commissioning, Operational Readiness, Materials Selection/Corrosion Engineering, and Production Chemistry.


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