Fady Chaban

SPE 147552 - Integrated Field Optimization Strategy Applied to an Offshore Water Injection Project

2011 Abstract, F.R. Chaban, SPE, L.C. Jordan, SPE, and K.M. Annadorai, SPE, Gibson Applied Technology and Engineering; T.W. Wilkinson, SPE, and P. Myers, Energy XXI

 Some of the most significant challenges faced with respect to the management of offshore water injection projects are associated with maintaining injectivity into the reservoir and with handling H2S produced due to reservoir souring. This paper presents the process followed and findings generated by a comprehensive review of a mature water injection project performed with the goal of delivering a coordinated operating strategy that would maximize the life of field revenues associated with water injection.

An integrated and comprehensive field optimization approach to maximize the whole-life value of the total asset was undertaken. Aspects covered included water injection system operating practices, mechanical design and integrity management of the injection system, the chemical treatment program followed for both the injection and production streams, and reservoir modeling and production management.

Recommendations resulting from this review were prioritized based on their impact on the whole-life performance of the asset, rather than the more common practice of separating the injection and production system reviews or the assessments of reservoir management and facility operation. Areas of particular benefit were identified in association with implementation of an active souring control strategy to reduce future risks to the production system metallurgy by sulfide stress cracking (SSC), a focus on integrity management of the water injection system to maximize long-term system availability, and the implementation of an inter-well water tracer injection program to enable the validation of current reservoir models and support the placement of future injectors and producers.

Source: SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 30 October-2 November 2011, Denver, Colorado, USA

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SPE 124857 - A Unified, Multidisciplinary Approach to the Planning and Design of Deepwater Waterflooding Projects

2009 Abstract, Fady R. Chaban, SPE, GATE LLC; Mukul M. Sharma, SPE, and Ajay Suri, SPE, University of Texas at Austin; and Grant Gibson, SPE, GATE LLC

 Today and in the future many of the deepwater projects in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere around the world will be producing under waterflooding conditions to increase hydrocarbon recovery and support reservoir pressure. The success of the water injection program is critical to the overall project economics. As such a clear methodology, workflow and attention to detail are needed in the planning, design and implementation of these projects.

This paper presents an integrated and practical approach for implementation at the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) stage of a project to optimize the future field development strategy, injectors design, facilities planning, and to maximize the total value of the asset. The proposed method efficiently interconnect elements related to surface facilities, topsides process, subsea architecture, subsurface equipment, water quality, well completion, down-hole flow controls and target injection rates in a common context.

Source: SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 4-7 October 2009, New Orleans, Louisiana

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