Press Releases

GATE Partners With John Maxwell

With investment in our staff being the core focus of our organization, GATE has partnered with The John Maxwell Company to harness and further develop the leadership capacity of our employees. By taking this opportunity to train and reproduce quality leadership among staff, GATE believes that a critical foundation for the next influencers of the industry has been set for continued success.

GATE Acquires Greenwood Group LLC

Gibson Applied Technology and Engineering, Inc. (dba GATE) is pleased to announce the acquisition of GREENWOOD GROUP LLC. Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, Greenwood Group is a premier subsea and marine project management company with world-class expertise in:

  • Deepwater Construction on Green and Brownfield export pipeline installations, flowline pull-in's, tendon installations & activities involving diving operations;
  • Floating host In Service Inspection Planning (ISIP) & Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking Inspections (UWILD), Repair & Maintenance (IRM) utilizing both ROV's and manned diving operations;
  • Offshore underwater platform inspection & repair for regulatory requirements and asset life extension;
  • Platform, pipeline and wells decommissioning, removal, and abandonment;
  • Wet welding repair projects.

Formed in 2002, Greenwood Group has consistently exceeded client expectations and is regularly recognized for their technical expertise, excellence in project management and culture of safety.

GATE Hires Former Coach USA Chairman & CEO

Strategic Move as a Top Contender

GATE welcomes Larry King, former Coach USA Chairman and CEO. Larry will be providing GATE his expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital fund raising, financial modeling analysis and business plan development. As Coach USA Chairman and CEO, Larry was a founding member of the management team that led the company through its start-up, initial public offering and growth into a $1 billion operating company. 

Standard Operating Procedures Webinar

On Tuesday, April 22nd at 8:30 AM Howard Duhon, GATE’s Systems Engineering Manager will present a free SPE Webinar on writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). SOPs are frequently developed late in the project, after the design is completed and construction is well underway.  They may be used for little other than operator training.  Following the initial facility startup, they may even end up on a shelf collecting dust.  In this environment SOPs have little influence on either the design or the operation of the facility.

This webinar will provide a high level summary of why SOPs are important and describe how GATE approaches the development of SOPs with the goals of improved design and improved, safer operation.