The key to effective resolution of flow assurance issues is via sound production chemistry and chemical systems design, commissioning and startup.

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GATE’s Chemical Systems Engineering (CSE) team is engaged in all aspects of chemical-related technology for onshore and offshore facilities. The GATE Chemical Systems team’s expertise is leveraged in all phases of capital project development to ensure that the design parameters chosen yield the best possible performance of the system.

The GATE CSE team’s support acts as a focal point to develop, manage and maintain a comprehensive chemical engineering strategy keeping in mind GATE’s systems perspective. This allows us to maximize the net value of the asset at all stages of the design, commissioning and production process.

GATE strives to provide the project with the Best Available Technology (BAT) in the field of Chemical Systems Management and Engineering to suit the requirements of the operator and the asset in question.

The GATE Chemical Systems team focuses on:

  • Core Production Chemistry Solutions
  • Chemical Process Design and Development
  • Chemical Vendor Qualification and Selection
  • Process System Optimization
  • Chemical Treatment & Optimization
  • Operational Flow Assurance and Production Chemistry
  • Flow Assurance/ Chemical Technology/ Production Chemistry Interface Management
  • Chemical Umbilical Commissioning – Design & Execution
  • Chemical Injection System Design Guidance and Operability Review
Chemical Injection Skid Design

Chemical Skid Design Review

GATE’s Chemical Systems team incorporates past expertise, industry experience, project based learning and design experience in crafting a fit-for-purpose chemical injection system to provide flow assurance specific to each project.

GATE evaluates chemical priority, pumping rates and sparing along with chemical storage requirements and umbilical sizing layouts. GATE also develops chemical management plans with selected chemical vendors for assets at the design stage as well as for producing facilities. The GATE Production Chemistry team also works with the GATE Corrosion, Materials and Integrity team to ensure the flow assurance strategy for the asset is robust and fit for purpose for the full design life.

Chemical Vendor Qualification & Selection

GATE’s Chemical Vendor Qualification procedure for technical and business compliance provides a transparent procedural overview of the process. This clear perspective provides well-defined roles and responsibilities for each associated member associated with the qualification process.

GATE manages chemical vendor qualifications and selections, which includes development of chemical functional and testing requirements, organizing vendor site visits and development of a comprehensive summary of the qualification results for each chemical vendor. GATE is proud to possess one of the best interface management teams in the industry.

Umbilical Layout & Commissioning

Commissioning of the umbilical is key to its long term performance. The GATE Chemical Systems group utilizes a systems approach to develop a commissioning strategy that will ensure that the commissioning process is effective, environmentally friendly and does not impede first production. This has been developed with expertise drawn from GATE’s Initial Startup & Procedure Development Group to promote best practices within the company.

Highlights of this process include determination of the best umbilical commissioning strategy, evaluation of chemical-chemical and chemical-elastomer compatibility issues as well as determination of fluids volumes and pumping capabilities necessary to ensure complete displacement of storage or buffer fluids. The GATE commissioning team executes the commissioning process offshore.

System Troubleshooting and Optimization

GATE’s Chemical Systems team determines what issues may cause an existing chemical system to not perform to the operators’ desired specifications and will deliver a course of action designed to mitigate these issues to ensure best performance.

GATE will support the rework of the system and keep track of the performance whether it be a complete redesign and rebuild or simple modifications to the existing system.

Recent & Key Projects Involving Chemical Systems Engineering

The GATE Chemical Systems team’s support acts as a focal point to develop, manage and maintain a comprehensive chemical engineering/treatment strategy that maximizes the net value of the asset at all stages of the design, commissioning and production process.

chemical systems engineering map

BP – Production Chemistry Support

GATE provides in-house production chemistry support for the Horn Mountain, Atlantis and Thunder Horse assets.

Aseng Chemical Vendor Technical and Business Evaluation

GATE undertook a chemical vendor qualification process on behalf of Noble to procure the best suited chemical and chemical support for both the Aseng and Alen assets based on their fluids, and system along with their specific operational needs.

Since limited fluid samples were available for testing, chemical vendors were required to qualify during the first round of evaluation. The second round involved the technical and business evaluations performed together with the chosen chemical vendors. This was quite different from our normal chemical vendor evaluations, but proved to be successful for the client.

Chevron – Chemical Vendor Selection and Chemical System Design

GATE leverages each chemical vendors based on performance of chemical, lab, ability to meet supply demands and upsets, price, experience and key criteria important to contractor and operator.

GATE evaluated each chemical vendor for two phases of development Chemical Support during feed and pre-FEED, and Chemical Selection and Support to aid operations. The phases and all associated selection criteria are completely independent of each other; a vendor may be more suitable for pre-FEED work but does not necessarily become the best to support operations.

GATE is continuously improving the process and has done similar work for other Chevron assets. These projects opened the door for a new and interesting scope of work offered only by GATE and is of tremendous value to the client as well as the chemical vendors who have responded positively to the process we have implemented (both the vendor chosen and the ones that were not)

BHP Billiton Chemical Vendor Technical and Business Evaluation

GATE undertook a rigorous qualification process on behalf of the client to BHP to procure the best suited chemicals and chemical support for both the Neptune and Shenzi assets based on their fluids, and system along with their specific operational needs.

GATE, based on the Neptune and Shenzi system, produced a comprehensive operation guide that includes all aspects of operation including chemical systems and flow assurance, shutdown, startups and normal operations that will ensure the integrity of the system. By using a systems approach and taking into consideration every aspect of the production, the manuals will serve as a go by for the entire platform production.

Chemical Management Plan to guide operations for chemical procurement, documentation of chemical usage, and responses to any upset throughout startup and normal operations. This also includes a review of the chemical system to ensure operability, efficient use of chemical and no upsets caused by chemical system performance.