Project Management & Engineering Services

GATE provides engineering expertise in a variety of areas including flow assurance, corrosion and materials, water injection, operations readiness, initial startup, subsea engineering and chemical systems engineering. 

We are a close-knit company. This enables us to respond quickly to the needs of our Clients and also allows us to transfer learning’s and skills rapidly through our project group. This lets us invest in our employees to a greater level than many other businesses do.

This approach positions GATE as a supplier of systems engineering expertise, taking into account the broader consequences of implementing specific technical solutions that may not be apparent to individuals with niche technical skills. 

Flow Assurance

Ensuring the safe, continuous and simultaneous transport of gas, oil and water from reservoirs to processing facilities is not always easy to accomplish.

At GATE, we use an integrated systems engineering approach to define the project requirements, identify the flow assurance issues and address them by striking a balance between capital costs and managing risk.

GATE’s involvement in the early stages of project development will add value by providing solutions that minimize production downtime and decrease costly interventions for near uninterrupted flow.

Corrosion, Materials & Integrity

GATE capabilities in corrosion, materials and integrity management are well recognized within the industry and have played key roles in the design, construction, commissioning and operation of deepwater developments worldwide.

Materials selection, corrosion modeling and management, and asset integrity management for offshore production, water and gas injection and export systems, as well as onshore processing plants form one of GATE’s core oil and gas engineering service groups.

GATE’s materials and corrosion engineers are involved at all stages of project development, from concept selection to abandonment, and offer a significant interface with chemical systems engineering, flow assurance, operations, installation, and surveillance teams.

Operations Readiness & Initial Startup

Preparing for operation of a major oil and gas facility is a daunting task. Prior to first oil we need standard operating procedures, maintenance procedures, spare parts and trained operators just to name a few. Operations Readiness efforts frequently start too late and are frequently inadequately resourced.

Operations Readiness systems developed late in a project and in silos can’t reach the potential of becoming the powerful tools that they were intended to be. The GATE Operations Readiness team seeks a higher goal - industry culture change. By shifting our Operations Readiness mindset and processes towards a systems approach, GATE has developed effective, easy-to-use tools and streamlined processes for improved facility startups and operation.

Chemical Systems Engineering

GATE is engaged in all aspects of chemical-related technology for both onshore and offshore facilities. The key to effective resolution of flow assurance issues is through sound production chemistry and chemical systems design, commissioning and startup.

GATE’s support in operating assets following startup is in areas of effective and efficient chemical program management, reduced downtime in chemical injection systems, troubleshooting and optimization of the comprehensive chemical system (umbilicals, injection system, and chemical performance at large), and chemical vendor evaluation and audits.

Marine Construction & Subsea Engineering

GATE partners with Clients to deliver subsea projects across the globe.  GATE subsea engineers have multidisciplinary profiles and strong field experience in both conventional and deepwater projects enabling them to influence overall field design and development.  The objective is to provide the Client with practical solutions at all stages of the project, taking special care to account for long term effects of the solutions and identification of operational constraints.

What makes GATE Subsea Engineering different is the ability to maximize value to the Client through unique application of the GATE systems approach and collaboration with other GATE core services including chemical systems engineering, corrosion, materials and integrity, flow assurance, operations readiness and initial startup, commissioning, and marine services and marine construction.

Water Injection

GATE provides systems engineering solutions to water injection projects encompassing design, commissioning, and system operability. We apply our core areas of expertise along with field experience involving multiple offshore water injection system startups to arrive at a design which will achieve reservoir engineering expectations.

Interfacing with core waterflood groups involving team members from Reservoir, Completions, Subsea, Flowlines/Risers, and Topsides to arrive at a design is crucial. Taking a life cycle approach from concept selection through operations leads to increased confidence that the system will meet its basis of design, yet will remain flexible enough to handle evolutions in reservoir management strategy once it is in service.

Integrated Risk Management

The objective is to assist in the delivery of incident free execution of projects through focused risk mitigation in key potential process safety impact areas such as station keeping, and vessel integrity (related to ballast/watertight integrity and stability), as examples. This is accomplished by a consistent and concentrated approach on addressing these exposures in the context of the industrial mission that is to be accomplished.

Rig Readiness

The GATE Team is prepared to take your MODU from idle to fully operational in a safe and efficient manner leading to optimal operational uptime.

Decom & Abandonment

Decommissioning and abandonment practices are critical for the protection of the environment. Planning for the disposal of equipment, sealing of the well safely, and recycle and reuse purposes must be performed within the regulation authority.

With the expertise of VIKING Engineering and GATE's own marine services team, the proper planning and disposal of these assets can be achieved.