GATE's Integrated Risk Management team aims to be the preferred partner for providing performance enhancing solutions that target the technical, operational and project management challenges associated with offshore and marine project delivery.

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Frank Composto


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The objective is to assist in the delivery of incident free execution of projects through focused risk mitigation in key potential process safety impact areas such as station keeping, and vessel integrity (related to ballast/watertight integrity and stability), as examples. This is accomplished by a consistent and concentrated approach on addressing these exposures in the context of the industrial mission that is to be accomplished.

The GATE Offshore Solutions group provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Station Keeping
  • Vessel Integrity
  • Loss of Containment
  • Ballast Management
  • Marine SIMOP’s
  • Incident Prevention
  • Operations Support
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability

The planning associated with the operation of Marine Systems should be based on managing exposure to the consequences of mal-operation, in addition to standard marine risk management objectives. This should be based on the principles of:

  • Clear understanding of the Marine Systems and Industrial Mission of the vessel.
  • Clear understanding of the associated activities that are relevant to the execution of any mission activity.
  • Validating onboard capabilities and awareness of emergency and backup methods for operation of Marine Systems.
  • Executing drills and tests demonstrating emergency and backup operation prior to execution of the Industrial Mission.
  • Assessing vulnerability of marine systems to damage and develop contingency plans for recovery to Task Appropriate Safe Condition (TASC).
  • Planning and conducting those activities with the appropriate understanding and fit for purpose controls or barriers in place.
  • Development and implementation of the ASOG, WSOG and/ or AMOG (as appropriate).
Supply Boat and Offshore Platforms

GATE aims to be the preferred partner for providing performance enhancing solutions that leave a legacy to the offshore industry through the application of visionary strategies. GATE strives to influence the industry, raise industry standards and assist in delivering incident-free execution of projects by providing an effective means to address lack of skills, dilution of skills, and lack of experience prevalent in a rapidly expanding Industry.

Marine Delivery & Project Marine Resources

MDR’s & PMR’s are industry leading experts who are considered authorities in their respective fields, such as dynamic positioning systems and marine operations.  Coupled with considerable industry experience and varied backgrounds, the MDR’s & PMR’s represent a highly capable skill pool that will work together to assist the customer in solution development and implementation.

Rig Readiness

The GATE team has excellent experience in managing and delivering projects that are safe, on-time, on-budget, and in compliance with governmental and regulatory standards. We have already developed a framework for the project that will allow for flawless execution. A majority of the Rig Readiness Team will be in-house along with some outside engineering and technical support. The GATE Commissioning Team will lead the condition-based assessment, the dynamic and static commissioning, as well as the startup of the asset.