The GATE Subsea Engineering Group (SEG) is comprised of engineers with strong field experience in the offshore industry. 

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The SEG team has been involved in all project stages at the Sub-contractor, Contractor or Company role from pre-FEED to execution, startup and life of field support. The objective of the SEG is to provide practical solutions to the client at any stage of a project; taking special care to account for industry standards, lessons learned, special requirements from the client, long term effects of these solutions and identification of operational constraints during the various phases of the project.

What makes SEG different? The use of a systems based approach, multi-disciplinary personnel and support from the GATE core disciplines which includes Materials & Corrosion, Flow Assurance and Chemical Injection Systems functions.

SEG can provide clients with any of the following within the SEG Areas of Focus:

  • Subsea Engineering Services
  • Subsea Construction Management Services
  • Subsea Completion Systems: Installation, Hook-up & Commissioning (IHUC) Services
  • Subsea Distribution & Controls
  • ROV Operations Management
  • Subsea Integrity Manaagment
Production Manifold Installation

Marine Construction

Overseeing project execution includes developing, managing and scheduling all project interfaces from design to installation and commissioning.
The team can be involved in all equipment design technical interfaces, fabrication/construction and commissioning/startup onsite. We ensure that equipment design aligns with company standards and that the interfaces between equipment is adequate to preform testing. Safety is our highest priority.

Design & Testing of Subsea Equipment including Manifolds, Jumpers, Tubing Hangers, Tubing Hanger Running Assembly, Tubing Heads & Trees

  • Develop, manage and schedule all project interfaces from design to installation
  • Supply vendors with information to assist in the development of their drawings and procedures
  • Review vendor drawings and procedures and approve accordingly
  • Witness and sign off on all testing including SITs and FATs

Mobilization, Loadout & Installation of Subsea Equipment

  • Develop Client specific installation procedures for whatever vessel is chosen to install equipment
  • Witness additional testing (dock testing) and loadout on supply vessel and advise accordingly
  • Witness and assist in proper installation offshore from installation vessel/rig
  • Ensure procedures are followed and pertinent data is recorded at all times

Maintenance of Subsea Equipment

  • Preform Subsea Cathodic Protection Survey and install Anodes as needed
  • Assessment of vortex induced vibration (VIV) and in needed cases install streaks and fairings
  • Subsea sampling of oil, gas and water in the well without interrupting production

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning

  • Provide procedures and oversight for pipeline cleaning, flooding, hydrotesting and dewatering

Other services include interventions, remediation, ROVs and ROV Tooling, Intervention Equipment Consulting and Vessel Operations.

Subsea Engineering Services

Subsea engineering services include:

  • Hydrate remediation strategy
  • Operating philosophies and guidelines
  • Integrated planning
  • Full engineering support for installation activities including installation procedures.
  • Axial mixing modeling for umbilical commissioning

Subsea Construction Management

Subsea construction management services include:

  • Providing input during detailed design, as it pertains to the specification and manufacturing of equipment, in order to reduce construction complexity, cost and time.
  • Managing interfaces with other disciplines, from agreement on scope of supply, to ensuring the timely delivery of input data and “free-issue” components required throughout the design, construction and testing of the equipment.
  • Controlling field-based construction activities, including safety, logistics, material handling requirements, contractors, etc.Supervising and coordinating equipment testing, including FATs, EFATs and SITs.
  • Coordinating equipment transportation, load-out and sea-fastening onto installation vessels.
  • Provide drafting support including fabrication drawings.

Subsea Systems Completion: Installation Hook-Up & Commissioning (IHUC)

Due to the fast track nature of Projects, GATE provides a project tailored Subsea Systems Completion process to enable traceability of mechanical completion through commissioning in order to optimize handover of the facilities to the Operator. This is achieved by working with the Operator early in Project Development and understanding the requirements.

GATE Subsea IHUC activities include the pigging, testing, hook-up (static / dynamic) and commissioning of flowline / riser and controls systems from topsides to shore. As such, IHUC activities have multiple complex engineering, scheduling, ownership and scope interfaces between Well Engineering, Topsides and Subsea Facilities Design and the Operator.

SEG IHUC services include:

  • Systems Completion Planning, Databases and Dossiers
  • Interface & SIMOPS Management
  • Startup & Steady State Support
  • Design reviews Hook-Up / Commissioning Studies

Subsea Distribution & Controls

SEG provides input to functional specifications and manages the design, quality assurance, installation, commissioning, maintenance, retrieval, and/or repair of subsea production control systems.  In addition, SEG can manage and assess subsea controls service personnel or outside specialist company activities. All activities are carried out in accordance with company and site safety standards, regulations, procedures and contractual agreements.

Typically the SEG is involved with the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the following components:

  • Topside Control Systems
  • Master Control Systems (MCS)
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Electrical Power Units (EPU)
  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)
  • Subsea Control Modules (SCM) interface with trees, external sensors, multiphase flow meters (MPFM), venturi flow meters, new well tie-ins, and umbilical design.
  • Umbilical Termination Assemblies (UTA)
  • Subsea Distribution Assemblies (SDU)
  • Electrical Flying Leads (EFL)
  • Hydraulic Flying Leads (HFL)

ROV Operations Management

SEG utilizes ROV expertise to support our Client needs during design, construction, installation, inspection and intervention operations. This expertise includes:

  • Providing Input for ROV interfaces
  • Generating and/or Reviewing of Procedures
  • ROV Sizing and Tooling Recommendations
  • Pre-Lay Route Monitoring and Pipe-Lay Monitoring
  • Umbilical and Jumper Installation
  • SCM and Choke Insert Replacement
  • Jumper Metrology
  • Flying Lead Installation (HFL, SFL, EFL, OFL)
  • Subsea Inspections
ROV Operations

Subsea Integrity Management

GATE’s Integrity Management experts within SEG aim to provide operational guidance for the Subsea Equipment Integrity Management. Typical Activities include:

Develop the methodology for collecting and storing relevant data in a systematic approach to assess and monitor the condition of the subsea equipmentExecute inspectability / maintainability reviewsProvide planning, execution, monitoring and reporting to assist operators during inspection and maintenance operationsUtilize standalone tools to perform criticality evaluation studies, failure modes, and dynamic risk assessments to guide and prioritize activities during subsea inspection / intervention campaigns 

Additional SEG Services

Other services support by the SEG group include:

  • Supervise and coordinate equipment testing, including FAT’s and SIT’s
  • Manage Intervention Campaigns
  • Spare Parts, Tooling and Equipment Recommendation for Maintenance, Repairs and Interventions
  • Manage Subsea Equipment Refurbishments
  • Onshore  and Offshore Client Representation