Topsides Commissioning


Due to the complexity and multitude of disciplines that encompass deepwater oil & gas developments, effective planning of strategic operations is imperative in order to achieve first oil in the safest and fastest way possible.

Topsides commissioning services provided by the GATE Commissioning team includes:

Planning & Commissioning Management

  • Mechanical Completion, Commissioning (Static and Dynamic) and Startup Planning and Execution per API 1FSC

  • Full Service Execution / Client Representative Oversight

  • Budgeting, POB Forecasting & Schedule Development

  • Project Systemization and Procedure Development

  • Systems Completion Management via the GATE Completion System (GCS)

  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control

  • Extensive Offshore Oil and Gas Commissioning Experience

  • Preservation Management

  • Vendor and Subcontractor Selection and Management

  • Logistics and Material Management

  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Planning and Oversight

  • Permit To Work and Isolation Management System

  • Expertise in Water Injection Commissioning

Mechanical Commissioning

  • Rotating Equipment

  • High Pressure Leak Testing

  • Piping and Tubing Inspection / Cleaning and Flushing

  • Torqueing and Flange Management

  • Millwright Services

Electrical Commissioning

  • Power Generation

  • Switchgear and Distribution

Instrumentation Commissioning

  • Calibration and Integration Testing

  • Cause and Effect Testing

  • Fire and Gas

  • Telecommunications

Regulatory Commissioning

  • Procedure Development

  • Regulatory Testing

  • Interface Management

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