Material Selection

GATE’s Corrosion, Materials and Integrity Team is involved with detailed material selection and qualification support with the goal of ensuring the selection of fit for service materials and their appropriate manufacture and fabrication.

This work also ensures that designs conform to the latest codes and standards for downhole, subsea, and topsides equipment, while taking into account past project experience and industry best practice.

  • Downhole & Subsea Materials Selection

    • Qualification Erosion/Corrosion Risk Assessment and Modeling Scaling Studies (Formation Risk, Removal and Mitigation Strategies)

    • Failure Analysis

    • Protective Coatings and Cathodic Protection

    • System Design Monitoring And Inspection Strategies During Field Design

  • Topsides Materials Selection including Protective Coatings, Cathodic Protection Systems, Corrosion Monitoring, and Erosion Monitoring Systems

  • Linking Material Selection, Selection of Coatings and Field Joints Studies

  • Inspection and Auditing During Fabrication And Vendor Qualification including Welding, Coating, Anode Chemistry, Positive Material Identification