Water Injection Material Selection & Corrosion Modeling

Materials selection in water injection system needs to balance many factors to obtain an optimum solution. Through the processing system the type and magnitude of integrity threats are constantly changing, resulting from factors such as oxygen corrosion, acid corrosion, erosion, biofouling, microbial activity, under-deposit corrosion, and chemical incompatibility.

The impact of a loss of containment on system uptime, operator safety, company reputation and overall production also changes at various points in the system and for different assets, where specific assets will also require different balances between upfront capital expenditure and later operational expenditure.

GATE uses our systems engineering, materials and integrity management, commissioning and operating knowledge of onshore and offshore water injection systems around the globe to reach a solution that is optimized to the need of each Client and each asset. This can transcend engineering, where aspects such as tax law differences between capital and operating costs can drive different materials selections in different parts of the world.

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