What Standard Operating Procedures in the Oil Industry Should Be

In the oil and gas industry, SOPs are frequently developed late in the project when construction is well underway – too late to impact the design. They may be used for little other than operator training and following startup they often end up on a shelf collecting dust. 

Effective SOPs that are diligently used by operators may be the driver for the next step change in process safety in the industry.But this cannot reasonably be accomplished unless we start writing procedures that are more user-friendly. We must start writing SOPs that the operators will actually want to use.

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Deepwater Oil & Gas Engineering

Coordination of the efforts of multiple design teams and contractors may now be the most important factor in the success of large, complex projects.

Too often we are left with installations that are designed in isolation and that then require much time, effort and money for us to figure out how to operate them. 

At GATE, we promote a systems-level view of engineering problems. Even in our smaller projects, such as working discrete process or corrosion issues, taking a larger view of the interactions and intricacies of the system as a whole enables us to develop an optimized solution that crosses many different disciplines and boundaries. 

This takes personnel with a broad knowledge of production systems and the challenges involved in designing, constructing, commissioning and operating them.


Our goal is to provide engineering solutions to the upstream oil & gas industry that allow our clients to make informed financial decisions. We aim to provide these solutions through the high caliber of our staff and strong relationships with our customers.

We take on projects at any stage from design of new developments to troubleshooting of mature fields. 

GATE provides expertise in:

This enables us to provide a balanced oil and gas engineering service to our Clients that ensures the interfaces between various disciplines are adequately recognized and addressed. This results in smoother facility start-ups, and increased whole-life value for existing developments.


Systems Approach

Founded in 2000, GATE focuses on the provision of world-class engineering and project management services concentrated on the deepwater upstream oil and gas industry. As GATE, has grown and evolved, we have developed our reputation as a company that provides realistic and achievable solutions to complex tasks and challenges found offshore.

Since 2000, we have expanded to 200+ technical staff and contractors with employees located in-house with major operators, as well as in our Park Ten location.

Although we are also involved in many discrete projects, our main objective is in developing a systems engineering approach to field design and operation. This enables our Clients to make informed decisions and maximize leverage over their efforts.

Rather than attempt to provide a large number of engineers to a project, it is our goal to provide high caliber individuals for discrete high responsibility positions. This requires people that are willing to learn new things, able to transfer existing skills and knowledge to new situations, and who are able to manage and coordinate their activities and the activities of others. As such, a large proportion of our staff has advanced degrees or professional engineer certification.

In contrast to other consulting and engineering firms, GATE's philosophy is based on taking an operators prospective to a problem and not limiting ourselves to a specific discipline. This results in solutions that transcend discipline boundaries and provide fit for purpose answers to real operating challenges.

GATE has taken the next step to becoming an industry powerhouse with the acquisitions of Greenwood Group, VIKING Engineering and GPS, Inc., formerly known as Champlain Group. With the addition of these three companies, GATE is positioned to supply both Technical Engineering and Contingent Workforce Services to the oil and gas community. Ultimately, the partnership ensures that Clients for each company have a truly comprehensive, full-service provider of cost effective solutions. 

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